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Molly. 23. Washington born, Oregon living. Masters student studying psychological research. This blog is about the many things in life I love, including: Portland, cooking, spirituality, nature, art, the cosmos, science, and so much more! Namaste.

What an amazing night! Deltron 3030 was by far the best show I have been to! I don’t think I can ever go back to big amphitheaters, a small venue is so much better !


And I thought, ‘That’s not right. Someone should fix that.’ And then I realized: I am someone.

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Say it Bob ! 

Say it Bob ! 

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Words of wisdom from Amy Poehler

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Ashton Kutcher being real about something. 

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Concept: Disposable Food Bowl by Michal Marko

Designer Michal Marko created a disposable food bowl concept (with minimum environmental impact) while teaching society about new biodegradable materials. On the label it states: “Enjoy your food. Then put the seeds from under the label with gravel into the bowl and let it grow. After a week, plant bowl with a herb into the ground. The bowl will degrade and you can grown your own herb.” Can you imagine this bowl used in all fast-food restaurants? It would change our worldview. For this reason, I believe the concept is exceptional.

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Recognise what you see.


Recognise what you see.

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whoever found this is awesome 

whoever found this is awesome 

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Carl Sagan from Cosmos, episode 8 (Journeys in Space and Time)

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Double Funding for NASA

Tell congress to fund whats important! 

“You expand your circle of compassion when dissolving the optical delusion of our separateness.”

—   Albert Eisenstein